Zombicon 2015


Another year, another Zombicon!
Once a  year my hometown hosts a zombie gathering in downtown where you can dress as your favorite zombie and act like one too while enjoying delicious foods and drinks from your favorite restaurants, pubs and or sport bars.

Every year the gathering keeps getting bigger and bigger, with new and bigger surprises, new stages new music acts etc etc.

Every year they suggest a theme for zombicon, this year’s these was “Fallout”, not the video game but the post apocalyptic feel of the word, so I decided to go as a war boy from the movie Mad Max but of course, uh… zombified.


There are lots of talented people out there that show their talents with their costumes and make up, some serious morbid stuff, make up so real that it fools you from a far, then there are the true fans that show their appreciation and love for favorite tv shows and movies, I was lucky to find a Twisty/Simpleton the clown from A.H.S


With more than 20,000 people it’s luck if you actually encounter people you know, I met with friends  here and there, besides the local restaurants they have food trucks and have outside vendors with BBQ, hot-dogs and delicious gigantic turkey legs that you have to share with others because if you are able to finish one all alone, then you deserve an award.


I love going back to zombicon every year, most of us look forward to it all year long, most of us speak of it to the masses with great intentions and even invite out of town folk to come and check it out.

But this year, almost at midnight a tragedy happened, someone decided to ruin the fun for all of us, for the rest of the good people of Fort Myers, I will not write about it on here, why? because honestly zombicon is so dear to me that I will not stop going every year and I will not speak of it in a bad way by any chance, in fact I will always speak of it with good heart.

But I feel the need to raise awareness to at least help prevent any other future tragedy, I will only post the link that made national news.

CNN Zombicon Article

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