Buckle down and start on markerting

I need to start thinking on how to begin the marketing for my upcoming game, I would like to start advertising as I am developing this game, I have been keeping it in the down low for a good while, due to some fear of giving the wrong idea with the game.

The game alone is meant to be comic, filled with comedy, jokes all over… FUNNY! I understand that some people might/will take it the wrong way, I don’t care and I will be more than happy to explain the reason and meaning behind the humor.

That being said, I am highly considering starting a GoFundMe page to help me raise money to secure the future of the game.

I have so many ideas to market the game and advertise it, I also have ideas on how to distribute it, not just as a game but with accessories as well.

All these great ideas require funding of course 🙁 and since I’m a independent developer, well I do have my bills to pay.

I have confidence that the game will get good feedback, the few people that have played the demo(s) laugh immediately and have a good time playing, so far I haven’t received any bad feedback but I’m sure that will change once I officially release a demo.

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