My first Beta tester!

So after adding sound effects and background music today to the game, I felt like it was about time to have someone else play it and see how it felt watching someone else’s reaction.

So for my first Guinea pig, I’ve asked my cousin to test it out, I had a feeling it was a bit challenging and my cousin being a new age gamer, he’s the FNAF type of a kid and kids these days find the old school MegaMan way too hard so I was curious to see if he could at least beat the first level.

Thinking that he was unable to reach the end of the level, I tried to reach for the controller and ask him to change a few thing to make it easier for him and he quickly evaded me and looked at me while saying: “no no, I’ll get it, I’ll get it” 😁

After a few tries and a few deaths, he did!

Not to make it long, he got the hang of it and made me feel a lot better about my level design skills.


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