Warcraft movie getting woah?

I just read that the critics are stepping all over this movie or at least trying to do so, RottenTomatoes.com has given it a “22”.

imageNow, my self as a fan of the game (Warcraft and world of Warcraft) I’ve been a bit scared because everyone knows how sometimes making a movie based on a video game results -coughs- -coughs- “Super Mario Bros”.

Perhaps the fact that the critics are not gamers of have merged themselves deeply into the lore of the game as much as us gamers have could be the reason why they are giving it bad reviews.

Of course I’m going to see this movie, of course I will be and I already am excited for it, so far from the previews it looks beautiful and the CGI looks amazing and let’s face it, sometimes too much CGI can be the result of a bad movie but when it comes to bringing such “difficult” characters as the orcs and the glorious creatures like the Griffins and just to be able to show how the world of Azeroth looks, well CGI it’s a must!

I just hope that the critics are wrong on this one and the movie can truly portrait a tribute to the game and more we fans have come to love.

What do you guys think?

Comment below and let me know!


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