Pokemon Go

As if Nintendo’s games were not addicting already, they’ve finally found a way to make people go outside and exercise without them knowing or paying attention all while they try to catch ’em all!



But I wanted to share my thoughts on this new addition of “virtual crack” well that might have been too much but hey, it sure feels like a new addiction for us, the true Pokemon fans, you know the ones that actually grew up reading the manga, playing the card game, playing the video games on our GBs and GBCs and of course obsessing over the Anime when it finally came out.

All we wanted as kids is to go on adventures, catch and train the most powerful and rarest of Pokemon but we could only dream and after 20 years PokemonGo comes out as if they were waiting all this time, the right time to unleash and re-lid the flame in all of us to once again wish we could go on adventures and meet other Pokemon trainers with the same passion to become the very best.



I haven’t had a real motivation to go outside these past years and interact with people to be honest until this game came out, that might be sad to say in public but is true and can you really blame me? People these days are becoming more and more distant and barely socialize anymore and now that they have PokemonGo young kids and even grown ups are going outside, meeting and making new friends.



Even certain public groups are taking it even a step further and organizing meet-ups and picnics during the day at some parks, I have just attended one today and I have to admit, I had a lot and I mean A LOT of fun even though the game crashed on all of us and froze a bunch of times in the middle of catching Pokemon, I want to give a big shout out to SPEW for organizing this amazing event and hopefully the first of many more to come, check out SPEW FaceBook page for more info about them.



Sure there are some ups and downs with this new game and I don’t mean the servers going down or not being able to sign in, I mean the accidents and the crimes already happening because bad/wrong people are taking advantage of this and harming others which I wont go into detail because I rather not ruin this post and go negative, I’m trying not to be bias but I just want to say that people need to see the positive in this game rather than use it to give it a bad name.

And that is all I wanted to share it with you all today, until my next post… See Ya!

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