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With the IndieGameDev scene taken off lately is not beyond your reach to design, program and distribute your own video games anymore, a lot of new indie game developers are coming out with amazing projects and publishing them on the best indie websites on the market, heck some even make it straight to consoles.

RealTutsGML is the online name for a YouTube channel that has been live for quite a while, where one single indie game designer and programmer (Zack) takes it upon himself to create incredible content with videos teaching the public how to make their own video games.

He even went above and beyond to create a one stop teaching website of his own to help anybody in detail on their path to become a indie video game designer. The website has grown pretty fast content-wise. You can choose from a list of other video game developers that teach publicly for free with videos on YouTube, or get a personalized, more in depth courses that they have made to download for an very reasonableĀ fee. Let’s face it, being indie game developer is not always having pockets full of cash, although, it can be if you know how to make your way up, but they offer bigger and more detailed courses to help out with their upcoming content.

But enough of introductions and detailed specifications on websites, I want to talk about Zack’s very own Java script (gamedev) course which you can find on his website, I was honored to receive a copy of his course to review and I have to say, it is well written and easy to understandĀ for any new comers.

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The course takes you step by step in a 30 page PDF book with everything you need to make your first game with Java script, this includes:
.-Full color images
.-Audio files
.-Source code
.-Challenges to improve your coding

Zack has over 5 years of programming his own video games and teaching others to do the same. This course will not only walk you through on how to program, but understand the language it self and define what makes Java Script such a powerful and useful programming language. Zack also provides links for further explanations and tools you might need.

If you’re unfamiliar with Java script, Zack also provides information on it via links to other sources. I can go on and on about what makes this course a must have but you can watch for your self and read more on it from the official website.

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