The Killing Joke kills!

The rated R film adaptation of this iconic 30 year old graphic novel sure is making some DC fans question the studios’ changes and takes on Barbara Gordon — oh what the hell! Let’s just cut down to the chase, it is the freaking sex scene between Bat-Girl and the perfect detective… Bat-Man.


Bat-Man and Bat-Girl have always kept a father-daughter like relationship. Sure, in a version of BatMan beyond, Barbara hints that at some point, they had some sort of “spark”, but we can assume it was when she was older than how she is portrayed in this new adaptation.


During the SanDiego Comic-Con Q&A panel, things got sour between some of the fans that saw the movie, and the co-writer Brian Azzarello. When one of the fans, a reporter in the crowd, shouted his opinion on how Barbara Gordon seemed to become Bat-Girl for the wrong reasons, instead of fighting crime. In the movie, she seemed to be a typical teenager with a serious crush on her teacher… UGH! So, the reporter who shouted from the crowd his opinion on this matter, got a response back from Azzarello that, in my opinion, came out unnecessary and made Azzarello look like an asshole.

The reporter yelled out, “Yeah by pinning on Bruce and having sex with him.”, to what Azzarello followed with “Wanna say that again, pussy?!”

That being said, the first half of the movie is focused on Barbara being Bat-Girl, and trying to set her as a more in-depth character in the film just so that the audience can feel some sort of connection with her and how it was traumatizing for her. Of course, I am talking about her being shot by the Joker and becoming paralyzed from the waist down.



An iconic and dark moment in Barbara’s life something we the readers and fans know all too well, the other half of the film deals on Bruce hunting down and finding out what the Joker is planning. As Bat-Man’s history with the crazed clown always taught us, is that the Joker does things, because he is what he is and nothing more.



Besides the whole mess with the sex scene and the “pre-logue” focusing on Bat-Girl, “making” her a strong female character (she already is one), the film does the graphic novel some justice. It is quite enjoyable, and you can say it is even page by page, to frame by frame. The film also focused on the Joker’s past, so we get to see how the clown got to be the Red Hood and how he was pushed to such limits and the tragedy of being deformed when he fell in the pool of chemicals. We also get to see a soft side of the Joker from his past memories. Something that Azzarello has done before on his graphic novel: JOKER


We get to see the most feared villain in Gotham as a husband and a soon to be father. A side very rare to be portrayed in media, since the graphic novel is quite short, the film offers some adaptations, like I already said, one of them being the bit of spotlight on Bat-Girl.

The film, in general, is enjoyable after passing the new changes. I, myself, being a huge fan of the Joker, think that they did a great job with it. Of course, having Mark Hamill voice the Joker, again, and Kevin Conroy voicing Bat-Man, again, makes the film so much better and it feels original. I mean, can you think of anybody else voicing these two iconic characters? Hell no! The film ends just like the graphic novel, with a killing joke!


Can anyone spot the easter egg on the picture below? >:D


Special thanks to my editor: J.N Midlam

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