The real Mexican pass card

With all this race tension going on lately and with Trump running for president, which is not making it any easier or better but diving us once more, Some protesters against the republican presidential nominee have done some serious attends towards him. Some guy tried to run towards the podium, steal a cop’s gun, and shoot him.


Some other guy did pretty much the same thing but without trying to get a fire arm, or cause any physical harm to him, but rather, wanted to take the microphone from Mr. Trump as an act to silence him, but he was stopped and arrested before he could even get close to the stage.


And of course a other things have happened where similar attends occur, and all towards Trump, or people he is now associated with by the media, or others.

We cannot forget the punk Latino that straight up punched a white supremacist activist, and part of the KKK at a rally for the same group.


These people fighting back did receive injuries, as well as some time in jail.

Now, I am not here to applaud these actions, Like I said, they all had consequences to deal with, I am here simply to say that the public has taken these actions, the names, and pictures of these individuals, and shared them on social media with comments such as: “This guy has won the Mexican free pass and now he is invited to all our parties and barbecues and any other fiesta”

Others have gone to the point, where by sharing their photos and links to the articles by the news, have invited publicly these individuals to come to their homes and eat all the Mexican food they want for life, since they have won the “Mexican family member card”

They are pretty much saying that, because these individuals stood up against racism towards Mexicans, did something about it, and suffered the consequences, these anti-racism individuals have become part of any Mexican family.

Most of these people that have acted on anti-racism have been mostly Caucasian. Therefore, making this whole free Mexican pass a lot more popular in social media. The truth is that racism towards any race has always been around, so why support this behavior now? Because of Trump?

There is some truth and history behind the new Mexican pass movement. The thing is, that us Mexicans do see other people (that are not Mexicans) and go out of our way to call anybody part of our family, if somebody did something extremely significant in our favor, or to help us in general. Such as stand with each other and never break a promise, keep your word, help in horrible times, or maintain a friendship for a very long time.


It is true, that with any Mexican family, we see somebody of a different race, and accept them as one of our own. Yes, we do say: “Ahora eres parte de la familia, para nosotros eres un Mexicano(a)” which means that they are now part of our families and we “baptize” them as Mexicans.


When this happens it is true that it is not just words. Honor is involved, and amazing perks if I say so my self. Yes, you do get invited to any of our gatherings, and we expect you to bet there after being invited. It’s not just some meaningless invitation. You get access to all of our delicious real Mexican food, not that Taco Bell stuff or that Chipotle excuse for rice.

The point is that the Mexican free card or Mexican pass is real, but I am afraid that people are using the idea in the wrong way and I wanted to post this. Hopefully this will clear things out a bit and help non-Mexicans understand it better.

That being said, I cannot say I wasn’t a bit amused to see that these people had the balls to stand up for what they believe in, and more important, to stand up against a could be tyrant.

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