Alpha version soon to be released!

I am on the brink of releasing the Alpha version of my WIP game. I didn’t want to release any Alpha or Beta versions at all, but I am dying for some feedback. Good, bad, or simply average.

I am researching platforms/hosts or indie game websites that I could upload the Alpha playable version of the game to increase the popularity of it, and to start letting people know that I will be attending a local convention where I will be promoting it.


I have been accepted to the majority of the indie websites, to upload and host my early version of the game. But I am still considering if I should post it on a few sites at the same time or just stay with one. Oh, I will also have to hold off on posting it on Steam until a better opportunity presents it self.

So, until further notice, I will leave this here just to record what I am doing, because I certainly do not wish to talk about the damn bug I had to “fix” in order for me to move along with the game.


Once again, I say, until next time! \m/

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