Alpha demo is out now

Finally I had the guts to release a playable demo to the public. It is an Alpha version, but thanks to other successful indie game developers, I just said, “the hell with it”, and uploaded it to two main indie sites.

One of the sites being IndieGameStand and the other I wont upload any executables to this site yet, but I will release a full on Beta demo on here once I start to get enough feedback from the two previous mentioned sites. Either bad feedback or good feedback, I don’t care, as long as there is feedback.

Bad press is still good press in my book. That being said, I have been crunching and pushing, fixing bugs left and right, for this game because I want to have a decent playable demo for next year’s convention, here in SWFL (Southwest Florida).

Once again, any feedback is good feedback, and I gladly wait for it all.

Until next time, your odd, indie game developing, Aztec troll, Nahual, logs out!

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