Public GameDev Session

Today, I had the pleasure to do a GameDev session with another great indie game developer, Mr.Balin himsel. We decided to meet, in order to catch up on each other’s current projects at a local Panera Bread restaurant.

We both arrived about the same time, it was nothing big, down to business. Let me tell you, we killed it!

At some point, I broke my game while trying to add a new feature. The first time, it worked flawlessly, but I didn’t quite like the way I coded it so I tried about three more different times. By the fourth time, as soon as it was done compiling, it crashed and I can even swear that I saw the screen twitch. It made me laugh out loud. 😝

We spent a good four hours, doing nothing but coding away. We stopped for a few seconds to crack a quick joke or two, bathroom breaks, and even do some odd noises just to break the tension when our codes didn’t work. 😅

(Video of Mr.Balin playing the Alpha demo of El Pansas)

Over all, it was a good evening, well spent, with good company.

So once again, this troll needs some rest. Until next time! 🤘🏼

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