Alpha testers are a go!

I had the opportunity to visit a new local comic book/gaming store in Naples FL called House of Heroes, and I was able to show off my WiP indie game to some gamers that were there playing D&D. They were kind and excited to play an early version of my game. They were excited just to be apart of the process of developing a game.

Since I never really, and still to this day, have not shown the game to a lot of people, I hadn’t gotten much feedback, but today was extremely helpful. Seeing new people playing my game and receiving their feedback on enemies, game flow, and even their thoughts on the political part of the game.


Overall, today was another successful day of GameDeving, and the very first Q&A session, where I had to answer and ask questions about the game. Typical questions like,” did you like it?”,  “Did you have fun?”,  “Is it too hard?”,  “Is it too offensive?”, and the most important ones of all, “Would you pay for it?” and “How much?”.

All the feedback was extremely useful. I had the chance to change some of the things they found to be too difficult, or too easy. I could see how it made sense from a player’s pint of view. I have to keep at it, and work, work, work, on it. I plan to have more Alpha/Beta testers in the near future, and to receive more feedback.

Until next time, this troll will now try to relax and perhaps clear my head for tomorrow’s day of programming.

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