OUYA gone! but not forgotten?

If  you like to emulate consoles and play old school games, like Super Mario World or even your old N64 titles, then you know what the OUYA is and was. I won’t go into detail for those that never heard of what the indie console is. If you would like to know what it really is, then check their website >here<

Sadly the OUYA is no more, it died sometime, not long ago, last year maybe? The year before that? I can’t remember, all I know, is that there are some people out there that still have the console and still have a bitter taste in their mouth after what happened to it.


The official OUYA store might not be running, but I believe it is still online, meaning you can no longer purchase titles for it, but you can still add games to the console manually, which includes:

  • Adding games to a USB flash drive.
  • Plug in the USB flash drive onto the OUYA.
  • From the OUYA main menu, navigate all the way to the USB files.
  • Finding where the new games that you added are, and then installing them.

That’s how you people are doing this nowadays. Sure, it seems like a pain since most of us are now so used to just tapping or clicking “Install/Download” in order to add more games into our libraries.

Anyways, all this blah blah blah just to account that I am one of those poor OUYA users that still have the indie console, but just like others, it is just there, collecting dust. So I have decided to add an port to my WiP indie game El Pansas for it, just because I would like to give the OUYA users at least something to add to the dead console’s library and maybe have a reason to plug it back to the TV


Not to mention, I will be using the OUYA itself to demo my game in a upcoming convention, so stay tuned to see photos and videos on that subject and see how it all goes.

Until next time, this troll will now return to work. Cya!

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