Something personal for a change

It was almost two years ago since I met this girl. Now, I had no idea what she was going to be like. We met one day and we didn’t spend that much time together, getting to know each other.

My come-on was: “I can beat you at Tekken” and she went for it. She took the challenge, and invited me over her place to duke it out on Tekken 6.

gamer couples

That same day, I had a concert to go to. A big, and very important concert for me, I was going to meet my music idol and his band, plus seeing them live for my very first time, among other great bands that I am a huge fan of.

I said good-bye, we hugged and I was on my way to St. Pete Fl. Still no idea that this girl was going to mean a lot to me in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

A whole year went by and I didn’t even notice it to be honest, but she did, and after that one perfect year and some months after that, she was still stuck to me. Loyal, real and unconditionally loving me for me, for who I am and, no for other reasons.


We fight, yes! We argue, yes! We have ups and downs every now and then. But that is how you know that what we have is real, and not a mere illusion of what we pretend is real.

We hold each other up and we push each other to do better, not just for us but for the little ones we have and that look up to us. We make what we have into a family.

We might not have lots of money nor a big house because we don’t need that stuff. A lot of people work and stress out about bills and food, we do too but when we hold each other close, we know we can make it and we know that a big house and lots of money won’t really make us into a real family, but ourselves and our hard work and earning what we can will make us into a real family.


Today is her birthday and I am glad she exists, I’m glad she smiles at me, I’m glad she loves me, and I am glad she accepts me.

I have found the the one that can fill the other half of my being, without destroying who I am.

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