Deep cleaning some code

If you’re a programmer of any sorts, or code just for fun, then you know what it’s like to have a messy pile of code that you have to review later, in order to find and fix bugs.

Lately, after releasing the Alpha demo of my game, I’ve been trying to fix the “minor” bugs that any Alpha demo would have But it has become extremely taxing, Yes, I do comment my code and I try to organize it as much as I can, to keep it clean. Therefore, making it easier to read.

But I started to add a lot more to the game to the point where I was putting new code in between old code and then I noticed, I ended up having a hell of a mess, worse than scramble eggs/code. It just became headache after headache, trying to find and figure out what belonged where.screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-6-34-41-pm

So after a couple of days trying to fix and organize my code, I gave up, yes I did give up and I decided to save a back up and start fresh. I started coding pretty much everything again to make it super clean and well organized.

This way I can move forward with the development of the game and even speed up the process, without wasting time trying to find where that last script went.

Until next time, I will keep you all posted and well updated.

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