Graphic Evolution

I’ve been saving back-ups of El Pansas for months now, just in case something happens to my machine. You can never be too careful, right? Well, I found the serious old graphics files, where I animated the early versions of the main character, and let me tell you, he’s come a long way since then.

The funny thing is that I, as a developer, didn’t pay too much attention to how the graphic changes happened, they just did.  But I, as a pixel artist, remembered how I “evolved” my basic skills, and even then, I still have a really long way to go. But hey, practice makes less ugly sprites hahaha.


I’ve been remodeling the entire game from scratch, and I have to admit that the whole game runs a lot smoother now. It even feels like more of a platformer than it did before. I’ve been detailing my entire code. It feels nice to go back and redo some of the messy code, and rearrange it to make the game run better.

Until next time, this troll says good-bye!

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