Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go has been a very somewhat successful app/game on smart phones and it has made somewhat the “impossible”, making kids go outside and be active xD14469277_10157575601825085_2066857205_n

Not just kids, but adults now, that grew up with Pokemon as kids. Well by now, you should know what the app contains and what it is supposed to do when you play it, among the updates and features.14454693_10157575601765085_473415076_n

But recently, few days ago now, the second exciting add-on finally came out to public. Short in inventory to only those available that preorder it beforehand and if you were one of the lucky ones like myself, then you didn’t have to preorder it at all, and just walk in and grab it for retail price and not those outrageous prices on eBay.14442747_10157575601490085_2026205424_n

Of course I am talking about the PokemonGoPlus, a nifty little device that “helps” you  enjoy the PokemonGo experience a bit more, I guess? 14454558_10157575601680085_664050133_n

It does help and makes it a lot easier for you to capture pokemon on the go or even get items near pokestops without having to pull your phone out and by just one push of the button on the PokemonGoPlus device. The app does need to at least be running in the background of your smart phone.14459727_10157575601660085_1383958042_n

Now I can go all out and give you every single detail on how this works but there are already people out there that have done an amazing job explaining how it all works. All I wanted to do is to give my two cents on the device since I do own it and since the new AppleWatch was announced with PokemonGo compatibility, quite frankly makes the PokemonGoPlus device useless, since the AppleWatch has a screen it does the same thing that the Plus does, collect items and catch pokemon. It even makes it easier for you to hatch your eggs among other crazy cool things.14445412_10157575601480085_117846201_n

But of course, kids wont have AppleWatches since they are pricey, well unless they are your typical spoiled brat that gets anything they want. But put aside I do enjoy having the Plus with me and I do use it when I am out and about.pokemon-go-watch-apple-1

That’s it for now, this troll will be back next time!

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