When the taco is down, is GameOver!

Another quick update but a necessary one. It has been bit chaotic lately over here, doing level design among other details.

I decided to redo the GameOver screen, and make it a bit dramatic, yet funny with an inside joke.

Every Mexican knows how painful is to lose or have a broken taco. My main goal with this project is to make it as comic as possible. Maybe you don’t know much about Mexican slang or never really understood inside jokes between Hispanics. But this is my way to express such ideas to everybody.14729360_10157673959540085_7628483678301087757_nI thought that the broken taco was a nice touch. In a way, this project is also dedicated to my kin out there in this country, working and trying to survive. So I am working on this to perhaps put a smile on their faces, and remind them of what home is like.

Besides that whole political speech, this game is also meant to be a jump up on my indie game designing days. I am also doing this for me as well as for the ones close to me.

But like I keep writing on here, is all for good fun. Until next time, this troll is out!

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