Quiet but extremely busy >:]

There is no denying that I have been quiet on my own website, but I could not help it. I know it sounds like excuse after excuse, but SWFL SpaceCon 2017 gets closer and closer, and I am crunching day and night to get a decent playable demo by June 10. Every day becomes more and more exciting, yet scary because I am designing the booth as well.

I am trying to get props and colorful adornments to theme my booth 110% up to my standards. I am no perfectionist, but I, at least, want something to reflect the culture behind my game.


Even though I’ve been busy busy, I have been having the pleasure of meeting more people that are supporting my game, and others that are willing to help with what they can in order for me to reach my goal.

Which brings me to my next point. A lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people, keep asking me to start a funding starter campaign of some sort. KickStarter or GoFundMe, etc. But to be honest, I have not done so because I still need to encourage my self to accept bad reviews or negative feedback. Which up to today, I have not received yet. I got a call from PAX South, saying that they loved my game and if I could, they wanted me to attend this January 27th.As much as it pained me, I had to say “no”, because they called me out of nowhere, and I am not near ready with at least the demo.

Over all, I am seriously thinking about starting a funding campaign, and hopefully it goes well. If not, well then, I’ll go from there.

Until next time!

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