Another visit to FGCU GameDev club

What a day today, what a week, what a month. I mean, it has been so, so busy lately.

I am also feeling under the weather, and I think it has something to do with me being so busy with the game, getting it done and ready for the convention, that the stress and lack of sleep, that my immune system got so low and I am now getting sick. Tea and some dayquil helps here and there, but I am pushing my self to the limits, all so I can finish this game.

Today was the first meeting of the FGCU gamedev club since last year (I think) and it went well. I met new blood, new upcoming indie game developers, I answered questions. and the best part is that they played the demo of my game and yet again, I received nothing but good feedback. Makes me feel so good about my project and vision for it.


I also had a bit of time to advertise the convention for this June 10th. The leader of the FGCU gamedev group wants me and my friend Balin to go back next week and talk more about the indie gamedev scene as well as the convention in detail.

So until next time!

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