Into the underworld we go!

Today was another great day of game developing with Mr. Balin. We both crushed it today. We both moved forward with our projects by completing today’s to do list.

I was able to finish my second level of the game today (El Pansas). I ended up adding a few new things to the second boss and added a few more “decorations” to the stage and background. It is looking pretty epic if I say so myself.

Next step will be to work on the Aztec underworld and I have to be honest, I am extremely excited to start on it already. I’ve been looking forward to this phase for quite a while now. I get to dig into the dark culture of Mexico and display it in my game. What I mean by dark, I mean the side of the myths and legends that are not popular. Not even Mexicans know the full extend of them.

A lot of people these days love to paint their faces as sugar skulls. But do you even know the real meaning behind it? Have any of you even research why Mexicans paint there faces with “corpse paint”, and dress themselves as the dead?

Well that is something I want to express and explain in my own way, and with my sense of humor with this game.

Here are some screenshots of today’s progress.


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