Zombie infested town, what else is new?

Why add a zombie themed level when the undead walkers are getting overrated? Well I mean, why not? If you could do it and if you want to, do it! (what is the point of being indie if you have restrictions)

I’ve been trying to design my own zombies for some time and it took me a few days to feel comfortable with the design for the zombies, I’ve been trying to keep the look of the game as funny as possible but still giving it the gore and blood level I wanted.

Zombies can be extremely overrated, perhaps annoying and or boring so as a game designer it takes some imagination to make it fun, but at the same time as a gamer I just want to shoot zombies and watch their insides explode and the guts and blood splatter everywhere.

I also had a huge good amount of fun animating them and that tells me they work for the game play and hopefully they will make the player laugh. Zombie Chihuahas also made it into the level.

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