Minor sound change for better results.

In order to really avoid ANY legal issues with any of the songs playing in El Pansas game I’ve decided to change some (not many) of the background music playing during the gameplay. No I did not steal any songs from other games or artists, I did not want to mislead anyone by thinking that somebody else had worked on the soundtrack of this game.

As much as this game is it’s own idea it’s also based on very popular video games out there so that in mind, the sound and music of this game are also based on other projects, but mainly the sound of this game has to go along with the imagery as close as possible, like any other video game out there. And since this game has very rich Mexican and other Latin feels to it. I want the sound and music to reflect that, coming from a metal-head, this was a challenge since the very beginning.

So one more time, I made the decision to change a few specific songs of the game just to make sure nobody would get the wrong idea.

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