It is finished!

Late post entry but you guys have to understand that the life of a full-time parent with a full time day job and still trying to make my dreams of making indie games possible is a bit busy.

That being said, I want to thank EVERYONE that made this game possible, everyone that knew about the project and that supported me and gave me the courage to go on when I was literally defeated and without the will to go on to see the finish line.

It’s been stressful, chaotic and horrific at times, I lost very important people during the process of making this game… family members have died while I was working on this game, my father for example, he was the ONLY one that knew I was working on this idea when it was that, just an idea before anybody else, before I even thought of showing it to friends or colleagues, hence why I have dedicated this game to my father, he supported me and guided me without questions when I was hitting rock bottom.

Now that the this game is finally finished and available for purchase, I will ry my best to bring it to mobile phones and if it’s possible even consoles (hand-handles as well) but for now I have to work on some hardcore marketing and spreading the word, letting people know that the game is available for purchase now.

Besides all of that, I can honestly say that it has been fun over all, I am glad I have crossed the finish line and have a complete game that I am more that proud of.

Thank you all for letting me do this, thank you for reading this and thank you for spending some time to see my work.

Until next time… Trolgar Nahual Nazgul logging out.

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