Still doing pixel art!

Working on this new indie game sure is “easier” now that I know how to approach design and try to avoid obstacles as much as possible.

Since I’ve released El Pansas, much was learned, Dos and Don’ts. I find my self doing pixel art a lot faster now, not where near where I want to be but I’ll get there.

Ok! Now to the main update, this new game I’m working on will feature more of what I like in a video game, blood, gore and heavy music.

I’m still rewriting some elements, for example on how the game will play over all and that’s because as much as I want this game to be dark and graphic (scary), I cannot do it without the game being rated A for adults, that’s something I’m not ready for… yet.

So far I have designed one of the bosses for the new game, funny story is that this boss is based on a co-worker.

Until next time!

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