Rewriting code.

You spend a large amount of time using and learning a video game engine but more importantly, you spend even a larger amount of time designing and programming a video game using that game engine, only find out that such game engine has somewhat been obsolete in ways which will never update the engine. No big deal. But then, when you finally finish your vision and have the final build of that vision, you decide to perhaps upload your game to a mobile store such as Google Play, and that’s when you find out that since the engine stopped receiving updates and Google Play store now demands for games to be coded to fit their requirements, it makes your game no longer compatible with them.

So now I have to rewrite my entire code for El Pansas so I can upload it to Google Play store. Such a pain in the ass. But to be honest, I am seeing the silver lining with this situation. I get to optimize my code to run faster and better on mobile devices. The version I had ready was literally a port of the original game, a lot of extra game data not used but still taking memory and size of the build.

Already having a much faster and improved product, I can feel at ease that this being my very first mobile commercial release, will be a completed, lightweight and perhaps a successful one $$$ 😀 This version of El Pansas for Android will feature improved mechanics and some improved graphics. Hoping it does well, the funds from this version will help make it available for iOS as well.

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