A link to the past

I have always been a big fan of emulation, and of course knowing the legal side of things. Respectfully, I believe emulation is extremely needed to preserve Retro Video games in many ways.

As a kid, I remember playing Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and other games on my GameBoy, and later on, GameBoy Color and feeling I was going on serious yet fun adventures without having to leave my bedroom. Exploring caves, mountains and battling enemies, capturing new Pokemon, solving and going through puzzles in ancient temples with my sword and shield.

Sometimes, I would even try to speed-run some areas in order for me to avoid certain objects and just get to the good parts. Silly me back then. I play some of those old games now, and I take my time, each step I take, I appreciate the graphics, sounds, animations… EVERYTHING from the game.

While I remember all the good memories that I have from playing those old games, I still feel that I’m out and about on adventures. But now, perhaps, because I am so much older, the feeling gets multiplied. All these new games with triple A graphics and “depth” gameplay lack the ability to make the player feel like they’re in the game. Barely any new games can do that in my opinion. Sure, there are the exceptions, of course. I wont go into too detail, but the God of War series have done justice in that department.

All my old consoles are gone, specifically my hand held ones, and all the games too. Now it is either hard to find all your games, and if you do in real format, they take way too much space. Now that hunting down and buying these retro consoles and games are getting pricer and pricer, it’s a hassle. That’s where emulation comes into the picture. I was barely able to salvage my old transparent purple GameBoy Color, but very few games work. I also don’t feel like modding the console, not having a back lit screen is now extremely painful. I cannot comprehend how we were able to make gaming work and enjoy it without a backlit screen.

Anyways, my point is that I was able to put together my own “GameBoy” thanks to a RaspBerryPi Zero W with tons, and I mean TONS of retro games, and I am loving it. It even works on 3 triple A batteries to make it feel more old school. It came with a back lit screen of course, two more buttons, and two “shoulder buttons” on the back just in case I need them for more complex games.

I’ve been playing the old school Pokemon games and Super Nintendo titles, as well as some Neo-Geo games. The entire thing just brings me back. From laying down on my bed and or couch, playing my hand held consoles or going out to socialize in the Arcades popping quarters into the machines over, and over, and over again.

I really just wanted to talk about this subject in general. It’s what inspires me to still make games, while playing very few new games now. It’s what made me want to become an indie game developer.

Thank you to those that read this, thank you for your time. Until next time, Trolgar out!

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