La Llorona re-designed

I’ve started re-designing some of the enemies in the game, I did not like the original concept so I decided to change them and I gave La Llorona a somewhat better looking portrait.

I’ve also fixed some minor issues and I moved even closer to finish the game 100%

I will be attending a local all gaming convention where I will be exposing El Pansas yet again, I had the pleasure to also attend CalusaCon 2018 last week, where I was able to gather more incredible and positive feedback, check out the pictures of the event on the FaceBook page.

I want to make this short and sweet, it’s late and I have work in the morning.

I will leave you guys with a preview.

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D-Pad added!

Growing up playing NES and SNES I can understand why other 80s and 90s gamers felt the need to suggest that it would be better if I added the D-Pad functionality to the game.

I did and let me tell you, I completely get it now, it feels so much natural and even the nostalgia kicked in, I cannot believe I didn’t add the D-Pad option before to my own 2-D platform game 😜

I also fixed few minor bugs so until next time my peeps!

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Zombie infested town, what else is new?

Why add a zombie themed level when the undead walkers are getting overrated? Well I mean, why not? If you could do it and if you want to, do it! (what is the point of being indie if you have restrictions)

I’ve been trying to design my own zombies for some time and it took me a few days to feel comfortable with the design for the zombies, I’ve been trying to keep the look of the game as funny as possible but still giving it the gore and blood level I wanted.

Zombies can be extremely overrated, perhaps annoying and or boring so as a game designer it takes some imagination to make it fun, but at the same time as a gamer I just want to shoot zombies and watch their insides explode and the guts and blood splatter everywhere.

I also had a huge good amount of fun animating them and that tells me they work for the game play and hopefully they will make the player laugh. Zombie Chihuahas also made it into the level.

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No, he is not illegal.

I can completely understand why people would think the main character of my w.i.p game El Pansas is in fact a illegal immigrant, and perhaps it is somewhat my fault for not making this clear right from the beginning, but he is not a illegal alien crossing into U.S.A.

Yes, the very first level and it’s stages take place in the border between Mexico and U.S.A but he never actually crosses over, in fact after you pass the first level and defeat it’s boss, the game does not continue in some place in the Unites States of America, but in a underground level leading to the Aztec underworld.


The game does not focus on illegal issues in U.S.A even though some jokes about the situations made them into the game, such as having drones patrolling the border and Trump like robots defending it.

The game is actually focused on Mexican folklore and Mexican traditions, such as Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) and La Llorona’s legend (the whaler) which is a very well known “horror” Mexican night time story told to kids in order to get them to bed.

I just wanted to make this clear about what the game is really about and stop any future misunderstandings.

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Underworld finished!

I’ve recently finished designing the third level (the underworld) and I added a new boss to the level.

While you fight the essence of Mictlantecuhtli (the god of the underworld) in order to make your way back to the world of the living, it becomes quite difficult to defeat all enemies as they swarm all around you.

To keep you all updated as to what event I’ve been invited recently, I will post them on here and on the FB page as well, but so far I’ve been invited to attend two more conventions and to partake in a art walk in downtown Fort Myers.

The upcoming conventions that I will be attending will take place in October 14th and November 18th so stay tuned for that.

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SWFL SpaceCon 2017 was a total success!

Well what can I say?
I finally attended my very first convention as a vendor, showing the demo of my indie Mexican themed video game and after months and moths of working on this project and sacrificed and lost so much, to be able to put this game into the light was such a relief.

I still had so many fears and worries, one of them of course being the fear of people hating it and getting up from the chair ranting how terrible the game was but to my surprise not one ingle e person that sat down and tried the demo had anything bad to say, every single child, teenager and adult had nothing but an ear to ear smile and not one single bad opinion about the game.

Player after player, all I kept hearing was: “I can’t wait for this game to be finished so I can buy it” It was truly amazing to hear and even more to watch the players smile, laugh and even break sweat while playing the demo.

I felt so overwhelmed in such a good way that I decided to make a “thank you” video for those that took the time to play my demo and not to mention the people that kept coming back again and again to re-play it.

The whole experience was beyond amazing, so great that I am already booked for 2 more upcoming conventions as a invited guest, all paid for, all I have to do is how up and show the demo again.

Truly such a heart warming feedback from everybody, I thank you all!
I’ve launched the GoFundMe campaign to help me raise some money just so I can actually finish the game in time, so if anybody wants to become a backer, you will get awards of course.
The whole experience was beyond amazing, so great that I am already booked for 2 more upcoming conventions as a invited guest, all paid for, all I have to do is how up and show the demo again.

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Into the underworld we go!

Today was another great day of game developing with Mr. Balin. We both crushed it today. We both moved forward with our projects by completing today’s to do list.

I was able to finish my second level of the game today (El Pansas). I ended up adding a few new things to the second boss and added a few more “decorations” to the stage and background. It is looking pretty epic if I say so myself.

Next step will be to work on the Aztec underworld and I have to be honest, I am extremely excited to start on it already. I’ve been looking forward to this phase for quite a while now. I get to dig into the dark culture of Mexico and display it in my game. What I mean by dark, I mean the side of the myths and legends that are not popular. Not even Mexicans know the full extend of them.

A lot of people these days love to paint their faces as sugar skulls. But do you even know the real meaning behind it? Have any of you even research why Mexicans paint there faces with “corpse paint”, and dress themselves as the dead?

Well that is something I want to express and explain in my own way, and with my sense of humor with this game.

Here are some screenshots of today’s progress.


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Another visit to FGCU GameDev club

What a day today, what a week, what a month. I mean, it has been so, so busy lately.

I am also feeling under the weather, and I think it has something to do with me being so busy with the game, getting it done and ready for the convention, that the stress and lack of sleep, that my immune system got so low and I am now getting sick. Tea and some dayquil helps here and there, but I am pushing my self to the limits, all so I can finish this game.

Today was the first meeting of the FGCU gamedev club since last year (I think) and it went well. I met new blood, new upcoming indie game developers, I answered questions. and the best part is that they played the demo of my game and yet again, I received nothing but good feedback. Makes me feel so good about my project and vision for it.


I also had a bit of time to advertise the convention for this June 10th. The leader of the FGCU gamedev group wants me and my friend Balin to go back next week and talk more about the indie gamedev scene as well as the convention in detail.

So until next time!

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Quiet but extremely busy >:]

There is no denying that I have been quiet on my own website, but I could not help it. I know it sounds like excuse after excuse, but SWFL SpaceCon 2017 gets closer and closer, and I am crunching day and night to get a decent playable demo by June 10. Every day becomes more and more exciting, yet scary because I am designing the booth as well.

I am trying to get props and colorful adornments to theme my booth 110% up to my standards. I am no perfectionist, but I, at least, want something to reflect the culture behind my game.


Even though I’ve been busy busy, I have been having the pleasure of meeting more people that are supporting my game, and others that are willing to help with what they can in order for me to reach my goal.

Which brings me to my next point. A lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people, keep asking me to start a funding starter campaign of some sort. KickStarter or GoFundMe, etc. But to be honest, I have not done so because I still need to encourage my self to accept bad reviews or negative feedback. Which up to today, I have not received yet. I got a call from PAX South, saying that they loved my game and if I could, they wanted me to attend this January 27th.As much as it pained me, I had to say “no”, because they called me out of nowhere, and I am not near ready with at least the demo.

Over all, I am seriously thinking about starting a funding campaign, and hopefully it goes well. If not, well then, I’ll go from there.

Until next time!

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When the taco is down, is GameOver!

Another quick update but a necessary one. It has been bit chaotic lately over here, doing level design among other details.

I decided to redo the GameOver screen, and make it a bit dramatic, yet funny with an inside joke.

Every Mexican knows how painful is to lose or have a broken taco. My main goal with this project is to make it as comic as possible. Maybe you don’t know much about Mexican slang or never really understood inside jokes between Hispanics. But this is my way to express such ideas to everybody.14729360_10157673959540085_7628483678301087757_nI thought that the broken taco was a nice touch. In a way, this project is also dedicated to my kin out there in this country, working and trying to survive. So I am working on this to perhaps put a smile on their faces, and remind them of what home is like.

Besides that whole political speech, this game is also meant to be a jump up on my indie game designing days. I am also doing this for me as well as for the ones close to me.

But like I keep writing on here, is all for good fun. Until next time, this troll is out!

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