Graphic Evolution

I’ve been saving back-ups of El Pansas for months now, just in case something happens to my machine. You can never be too careful, right? Well, I found the serious old graphics files, where I animated the early versions of the main character, and let me tell you, he’s come a long way since then.

The funny thing is that I, as a developer, didn’t pay too much attention to how the graphic changes happened, they just did.  But I, as a pixel artist, remembered how I “evolved” my basic skills, and even then, I still have a really long way to go. But hey, practice makes less ugly sprites hahaha.


I’ve been remodeling the entire game from scratch, and I have to admit that the whole game runs a lot smoother now. It even feels like more of a platformer than it did before. I’ve been detailing my entire code. It feels nice to go back and redo some of the messy code, and rearrange it to make the game run better.

Until next time, this troll says good-bye!

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Sausage Party – Movie Review

Something new I decided to add, this is a Sausage Party Movie Review by Original Outcast check out his online store to support his works on TeePublic

Sausage party Review.

Seth Rogen has said on a number of occasions that the desire to make his own animated movie came from a love for Pixar movies. Even though he didn’t exactly grow up on them as a child (he was already 14 when the first Toy Story arrived in 1995), he’s still loved them immensely as an adult. However, if Rogen was going to attempt to make his version of a Pixar movie, you know it wasn’t going to be anywhere near family friendly.

To say what Sausage Party is actually about isn’t a spoiler. But, if at this point you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a chance to leave. Just know this: Sausage Party is absolutely filthy, unapologetically funny but for all the right reasons…


Looking beyond the Talking Food (and talking objects that also extend beyond food.) Sausage Party is about science versus religion. It’s about blind faith versus undebatable truth—about people who choose to believe something they’re told all their lives and how that could, potentially, be a problem. That’s not to say Sausage Party bashes religion, faith, or your beliefs (it jabs them gleefully), but it fully embraces the happiness those things can bring people.

In the case of a supermarket full of foul-mouthed food, these debates are brought about by a talking sausage named Frank (Seth Rogen) that’s desperate to enter his Vaginal-looking Bun girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig). All the food in the supermarket believes when you’re chosen by the Gods, a.k.a. humans shopping in the store, you are brought to “The Great Beyond”, a place where everything is going to be wonderful. They think its heaven, basically. But when one bottle of honey mustard (Voiced by Danny McBride) is returned to the store, he starts planting the seeds of truth that leads Frank on a quest through the supermarket to discover that when they leave the supermarket, Cooking, Preparing and Eating food equates to Torture & Death.


The film begins with a Whimsical song about “The Great Beyond” by Disney Composer Alan Menkin (Who did Music for Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast.) but Once Honey Mustard is returned and goes to the shopping Cart that Frank & Brenda just happen to also be in, is the catalyst for everything that happens in the story because it creates the villain, an angry douche (voiced by Nick Kroll) who is more than angry that he won’t be able to serve his purpose of getting up inside one of the gods, and it sends Frank and Brenda on a journey around the grocery store as Frank tries to determine if there’s any truth to Honey Mustard’s claims, while Brenda is extremely resistant to even thinking about the idea of the gods actually doing horrifying things to the food. Meanwhile, outside of the store, Frank’s and his new accidental friends Lavash (An Arabic bread of some sort) Sammy the Bagel (Edward norton doing an excellent Woody Allen Impression) and Tina the Lesbian Taco (Voiced by Salma Hayek) try to figure out how to get back to the store but like any adventure it’s not without obstacles.

Just like the great animated comedies of television, there were a lot of questions raised with Sausage Party that I quite wasn’t expecting in a movie featuring a talking jizz-filled condom. Questions about religion, racial bias, ethnic backgrounds were engraved into the CGI stone monument that is Sausage Party, and even if you aren’t a fan of the answers that are presented, you certainly come away thinking, ‘They might have a point’. All this on a production budget that should have fans of Pixar/Dreamworks animated movies come away thinking “HOW much did that cost?”


The really good animated comedy TV shows of our time are disruptive in nature. Beavis & Butt-head, The Simpsons, South Park, and maybe one or two others shifted the notion of what a cartoon is all about. Rogen and Goldberg do the same thing in a different medium, and as such. we could see the start of a gold rush that should get you excited about the future of adult animation.

8 out of 10

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Satanic Fighters: the beginning

I was a sophomore in high school when I first started to discover the basics of video game design and programming. I am a huge fan of fighting games because  I grew up in the arcades. For as long as I can remember, I was saving my lunch money in order to play Street Fighter II after school. I always knew I wanted to make my own fighting game.

The legends, like King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown (Street Fighter), were great and kept me satisfied, but I always wanted more gore and brutality in a game. Yeah, Mortal Kombat came close, as well as Killer Instinct, but being a young metal head, I wanted even more.


So knowing the basics at first, and experimenting with poorly made game design software, I came across an engine that was meant to be a shooter game, but instead the programmers came out with M.U.G.E.N., a tool that made it extremely easy to make your own fighting game.

Then, after meeting a good friend on the net, through some forums, we decided to give it a try and make a metal fighting game that would consist of having heavy metal music as a soundtrack. He had the web hosting to upload the result, while I had the bit of knowledge and tools to try and make this work.

After messing around and having a lot of fun with the experiments, we decided to post it on his website known as “KofDom”, and little we know, it was a hit among the other homebrew games community. We became somewhat famous. People seemed to like the mix of fast beat combos, and heavy music along with it. Let’s face it, we all have an inner head banger within us!sf1 The name, Satanic Fighters, came  to be for obvious reasons. We wanted to follow the greats, such as street fighter, king of fighters, etc. Since it was a metal blasting game with a dark feeling to it, we decided to just call it Satanic Fighters. But that’s it, not like we were in cults nor black mass meetings. (not saying real satanist do such things).

Later on, the fans wanted more. We wanted to give them more, and so Satanic Fighters 2 was created, and it was another hit. The fans went on a rage about how good the second game was.


Even though the popularity was good, it had to end due to personal events from both parties. I kept on with my own website, and my partner kept on with his. Nothing bad happened, we just had to go our ways. We both agreed to keep the game on both our sites, with no strings attached.

The game gained popularity on my website within the english speaking community, as well as my partner’s  on the spanish speaking side. Last time I heard, his website had to be shut down, and until this day, is still down. While mine still is running, and now I am bringing the two games back. I had to take them down since my website suffered a drastic remodeling.


Longstory short is, I never released the third and final chapter of this meant to be trilogy, so I will do my best to squeeze some time in and work on it.

Here’s a fan combo video that I’ve found on youtube:

Thanks for reading!

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Deep cleaning some code

If you’re a programmer of any sorts, or code just for fun, then you know what it’s like to have a messy pile of code that you have to review later, in order to find and fix bugs.

Lately, after releasing the Alpha demo of my game, I’ve been trying to fix the “minor” bugs that any Alpha demo would have But it has become extremely taxing, Yes, I do comment my code and I try to organize it as much as I can, to keep it clean. Therefore, making it easier to read.

But I started to add a lot more to the game to the point where I was putting new code in between old code and then I noticed, I ended up having a hell of a mess, worse than scramble eggs/code. It just became headache after headache, trying to find and figure out what belonged where.screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-6-34-41-pm

So after a couple of days trying to fix and organize my code, I gave up, yes I did give up and I decided to save a back up and start fresh. I started coding pretty much everything again to make it super clean and well organized.

This way I can move forward with the development of the game and even speed up the process, without wasting time trying to find where that last script went.

Until next time, I will keep you all posted and well updated.

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Something personal for a change

It was almost two years ago since I met this girl. Now, I had no idea what she was going to be like. We met one day and we didn’t spend that much time together, getting to know each other.

My come-on was: “I can beat you at Tekken” and she went for it. She took the challenge, and invited me over her place to duke it out on Tekken 6.

gamer couples

That same day, I had a concert to go to. A big, and very important concert for me, I was going to meet my music idol and his band, plus seeing them live for my very first time, among other great bands that I am a huge fan of.

I said good-bye, we hugged and I was on my way to St. Pete Fl. Still no idea that this girl was going to mean a lot to me in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

A whole year went by and I didn’t even notice it to be honest, but she did, and after that one perfect year and some months after that, she was still stuck to me. Loyal, real and unconditionally loving me for me, for who I am and, no for other reasons.


We fight, yes! We argue, yes! We have ups and downs every now and then. But that is how you know that what we have is real, and not a mere illusion of what we pretend is real.

We hold each other up and we push each other to do better, not just for us but for the little ones we have and that look up to us. We make what we have into a family.

We might not have lots of money nor a big house because we don’t need that stuff. A lot of people work and stress out about bills and food, we do too but when we hold each other close, we know we can make it and we know that a big house and lots of money won’t really make us into a real family, but ourselves and our hard work and earning what we can will make us into a real family.


Today is her birthday and I am glad she exists, I’m glad she smiles at me, I’m glad she loves me, and I am glad she accepts me.

I have found the the one that can fill the other half of my being, without destroying who I am.

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OUYA gone! but not forgotten?

If  you like to emulate consoles and play old school games, like Super Mario World or even your old N64 titles, then you know what the OUYA is and was. I won’t go into detail for those that never heard of what the indie console is. If you would like to know what it really is, then check their website >here<

Sadly the OUYA is no more, it died sometime, not long ago, last year maybe? The year before that? I can’t remember, all I know, is that there are some people out there that still have the console and still have a bitter taste in their mouth after what happened to it.


The official OUYA store might not be running, but I believe it is still online, meaning you can no longer purchase titles for it, but you can still add games to the console manually, which includes:

  • Adding games to a USB flash drive.
  • Plug in the USB flash drive onto the OUYA.
  • From the OUYA main menu, navigate all the way to the USB files.
  • Finding where the new games that you added are, and then installing them.

That’s how you people are doing this nowadays. Sure, it seems like a pain since most of us are now so used to just tapping or clicking “Install/Download” in order to add more games into our libraries.

Anyways, all this blah blah blah just to account that I am one of those poor OUYA users that still have the indie console, but just like others, it is just there, collecting dust. So I have decided to add an port to my WiP indie game El Pansas for it, just because I would like to give the OUYA users at least something to add to the dead console’s library and maybe have a reason to plug it back to the TV


Not to mention, I will be using the OUYA itself to demo my game in a upcoming convention, so stay tuned to see photos and videos on that subject and see how it all goes.

Until next time, this troll will now return to work. Cya!

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Alpha testers are a go!

I had the opportunity to visit a new local comic book/gaming store in Naples FL called House of Heroes, and I was able to show off my WiP indie game to some gamers that were there playing D&D. They were kind and excited to play an early version of my game. They were excited just to be apart of the process of developing a game.

Since I never really, and still to this day, have not shown the game to a lot of people, I hadn’t gotten much feedback, but today was extremely helpful. Seeing new people playing my game and receiving their feedback on enemies, game flow, and even their thoughts on the political part of the game.


Overall, today was another successful day of GameDeving, and the very first Q&A session, where I had to answer and ask questions about the game. Typical questions like,” did you like it?”,  “Did you have fun?”,  “Is it too hard?”,  “Is it too offensive?”, and the most important ones of all, “Would you pay for it?” and “How much?”.

All the feedback was extremely useful. I had the chance to change some of the things they found to be too difficult, or too easy. I could see how it made sense from a player’s pint of view. I have to keep at it, and work, work, work, on it. I plan to have more Alpha/Beta testers in the near future, and to receive more feedback.

Until next time, this troll will now try to relax and perhaps clear my head for tomorrow’s day of programming.

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Public GameDev Session

Today, I had the pleasure to do a GameDev session with another great indie game developer, Mr.Balin himsel. We decided to meet, in order to catch up on each other’s current projects at a local Panera Bread restaurant.

We both arrived about the same time, it was nothing big, down to business. Let me tell you, we killed it!

At some point, I broke my game while trying to add a new feature. The first time, it worked flawlessly, but I didn’t quite like the way I coded it so I tried about three more different times. By the fourth time, as soon as it was done compiling, it crashed and I can even swear that I saw the screen twitch. It made me laugh out loud. 😝

We spent a good four hours, doing nothing but coding away. We stopped for a few seconds to crack a quick joke or two, bathroom breaks, and even do some odd noises just to break the tension when our codes didn’t work. 😅

(Video of Mr.Balin playing the Alpha demo of El Pansas)

Over all, it was a good evening, well spent, with good company.

So once again, this troll needs some rest. Until next time! 🤘🏼

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Alpha demo makes it to GameJolt

The El Pansas alpha demo makes it to!

I am honored to have my WIP game on a third indie site, helping to spread the word. I also fixed minor and major bugs in the game. Let’s just say that you can now die in peace, haha.


I don’t want to make this blog entry a long one or I’ll just keep on rambling. Check the Alpha demo out now on and send me as much feedback as you like!

Until next time, this Troll is going to take to his cave, and rest.


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Alpha demo is out now

Finally I had the guts to release a playable demo to the public. It is an Alpha version, but thanks to other successful indie game developers, I just said, “the hell with it”, and uploaded it to two main indie sites.

One of the sites being IndieGameStand and the other I wont upload any executables to this site yet, but I will release a full on Beta demo on here once I start to get enough feedback from the two previous mentioned sites. Either bad feedback or good feedback, I don’t care, as long as there is feedback.

Bad press is still good press in my book. That being said, I have been crunching and pushing, fixing bugs left and right, for this game because I want to have a decent playable demo for next year’s convention, here in SWFL (Southwest Florida).

Once again, any feedback is good feedback, and I gladly wait for it all.

Until next time, your odd, indie game developing, Aztec troll, Nahual, logs out!

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