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Alpha demo is out now

Finally I had the guts to release a playable demo to the public. It is an Alpha version, but thanks to other successful indie game developers, I just said, “the hell with it”, and uploaded it to two main indie … Continue reading

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Trump the Trump-bot

Today was a very productive day, another day at a local starbucks with Mr. BalinĀ and now that I think about it… I don’t even drink nor like coffee hah I guess I just go there to somewhat feel like I’m … Continue reading

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Wanna be a publisher for assets!

I’ve submitted my application to hopefully become a publisher of assets for indie game developers. From simple 8-bit/16-bit tile sets to fully pixel animated sprites, when I’m taking a break from coding I do enjoy just coming up with with … Continue reading

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J.A.B Episode 2

Jaime and Balin Show Episode 2 Let’s talk about GameDev! http://nahualstudios.com/wp-content/uploads/jab/episode2.mp3 Share the post “J.A.B Episode 2” FacebookTwitterGoogle+E-mail

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