The Demon King!

For those who have know me know that I’ve never been too understanding when it comes to others, their situation (hard, bad or good) nor their feelings and I mean this in a extremely respectful way, I’ve always been the quiet one when someone for whatever reason they decide to share their feelings to me or even if they go through some rough patch in their lives.

Not because I don’t care (per say) but is more like I have never known what to say in respond, sometimes I do think: “Well, uh that sucks or good for you” depending on the situation but in the back of my mind a whisper always becomes louder saying: “I really do not know what you’re experiencing or describing” the more they keep going and again not because I do not care, how can you sympathize with someone when you have never experience what they describe/experience?

That was my case (and the whole point of this blog post) recently with Anxiety Attacks, hell! I used to think they were either fake or just something in people’s mind or even an excuse for people to receive attention. Until two years ago when I was going trough some serious hard personal issues while I had to pretend everything was OK in my life and not letting it affect my professional life, feeling my hear beat faster than I have ever left it before, getting light headed, losing breath, body aches (specially chest and neck areas) having double vision even with my glasses on, hands and arms shaking like maracas and my legs feeling numb where I lost mu balance.

Finally someone approached me and had to calm me down and after it all went away that someone followed with: “Anxiety Attacks are the worst… trust me!” and holy hell they are! After many years having acquaintances saying they suffered from them I never really paid attention to them, it is no fun nor I wish them on anybody. I have since then done research on the matter and have learned to deal with them better now but they still arrive, I’ve learned that some people have them daily and worse than me and they are stronger than me because they endure them so often. To those I applaud you all and have my respects.

This song below helped me understand what I was feeling and why and it let me know that indeed that are MANY people all over suffering with the same matter. It describes Panic and Anxiety Attacks in a beautiful way and the melody somewhat relaxes you. Good tune!

Until next time and thank you for your time, Trolgar signs out.