The local and so far my favorite convention of the all is around the corner. I say is my favorite convention because it was the first con where I publicly demo my first commercial indie game. And I received nothing but praised and amazing feedback from the attendees. I also had one of the best nights hanging around with some amazing people in the voice acting world. My best friend and I hung out after hours with these incredible individuals. So yeah perhaps I am bias when I say SpaceCon is my favorite convention of the all.

This year is happening on June 11th and I will be demoing my current indie game called Haxbrygd. I am excited to see what the public has to say about this new project of mine. Another reason why I wanted to submit a new post on my blog is to test this new KeyChron K8 Pro keyboard I’ve received yesterday. aluminum plate with RGB lighting of course, and these new keycaps with the brown switches sound and feel beyond satisfying. I am going to enjoy programming and typing a lot more with this keyboard. xD

I have to start planning and designing my booth for SpaceCon 2022 and once again like I said just now, it is around the corner. Going to have LOTS of props that are “witchy” themed. I will be posting loads of photos as soon as I get back from the big day.

That being said. I like to keep my entries short and sweet lately. Who has the time to read blog posts in these crazy times. Am I right? Til’ next time.