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I was one of the very few that received the SteamDeck, besides the content creators on YouTube.
At first and after watching other reviews online, I was a bit unsurprised. When I pre-ordered on Steam for five dollars I knew it wasn’t going to be a hundred percent completed. Like anything else that is brand new piece of hardware. I knew bug fixes will be needed. Luckily nothing has been wrong with the actual piece of equipment. I’ve had it for perhaps a bit over a week. Sadly some other online technology reviewers have already experienced broken buttons or malfunctioning internal parts. Not many creators have encountered these problems but still some have.

I started going to the list of what games were “certified” by Steam to be compatible with the SteamDeck and it isn’t that impressive. Steam does a very good job on “showing” everyone what games are green check marked which means, the game has been certified to work smooth without any issues on the SteamDeck. Then you have a “?” question mark and then a closed mark meaning the game is not compatible.

The thing is I ended up installing Street Fighter V on my SteamDeck even though it wasn’t meant to work on it. By my surprise the game works extremely perfect, like almost too good. I played mostly indie games but the few triple A games I’ve played have been working great. Killer Instinct, King of Fighters XIII, Back 4 Blood, Street Fighter V, MegaMan 11, Borderlands 2 and Apex have all ran without any issues, including co-op play mode and Online. I keep hearing that the StreamDeck works amazingly as a emulator machine as well but honestly at least for me I did not spend five hundred dollars on emulation. I have multiple Raspberry Pis for that.

Over all I do recommend the StreamDeck to anybody that would like to play their Steam library games laying down in their comfy bed. I literally did that all this morning. And the night before I was able to play some indie and triple A games online with my best friend. We had a blast. That’s when it hit me, spending five hundred dollars was not such a bad idea. So if you have money to burn and want to play your Steam games on the go. I do recommend to get the SteamDeck. It also works as a personal PC when you dock it to a monitor with a mouse and a keyboard.