Couch Co-Op 2019

What a great but LONG day to was has been, something completely new was the fact that I was supposed to attend SWFL FGCU EagleCon but due to funding the whole convention did not happen and just like that another group from the same university rose to save the day with their own event called, Couch Co-Op.

Mainly an E3 sponsored event where Florida Mayhem, an Overwatch pro team attended among other video game enthusiasts, free to the public so we can all enjoy and commune.

As I said, long day but productive, sold some of my handmade crafts and thanks to my square card reader because these attendees did not have any cash on them but again neither do I anymore.

Overall it was a magnificent day like always, until next time!

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Back from break

After El Pansas I just wanted to focus on family time and take it easy more than anything. I wanted to take inspiration for my next IP and yeah it took almost a year to finally hit the spot. I knew I wanted to try something different but at the same time I also knew there some ideas laying around from where my best friend and I used to game dev together.

Now I have some inspiration and even a title for the new game I will be working on. Today was somewhat of a productive day, I was able to toss some ideas around and design some character that I might use or perhaps I wont.

I don’t want to give too much out yet since these are rough ideas and nothing today was final, I just wanted to write a new blog post and will do so continuously to record every idea, every scketch, every new paragraph of code. Until the next time… Trolgar out!

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Android port gets a name.

Released El Pansas on different web-sites where indie games thrive and I wanted to have it  out on as many platforms as possible, so far El Pansas is out on PC and Mac.

I’ve been working on the Android port for it and I have been messing with some “clever” sub-titles for it, finally I decided on El Pansas – Flaco Edition

Since the actual game could not be translated on mobile devices due to the design of the levels I had to do some minor changes, literally making the levels a bit shorter and re-arrange them a bit. The touch screen buttons were giving me some difficult time at the beginning but it end up working pretty well at the end.

It’s coming along pretty good after all and the final product should be ready to ship to the Google Play Store pretty soon.

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Steam ready!

Three years in the making, went through hell and back but finished the game and released in on indie video game websites for purchase. But the goal all along was to have my very commercial game on the big apple, the big giant! When it comes to indie video games, I am talking about Steam of course.

After figuring out how to have the final build of my game uploaded, Steam reviewing and approving it, it is a dream come true!

The game will be available October 11th for purchase, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally see one of my indie games on Steam. It is quite surreal but amazing!

I am, however, still working on the Android port, which I am hoping to have ready by the end of this year.

Thats it for now, until next time!

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Next stop, Steam!

This is probably one of the most exciting and scary things I’ve done so far, due to the change of rules and policies. I am talking about Steam Direct of course.

Because Steam had to give up on Green Light and made Steam Direct happen, launching your indie game now on the most popular indie platform these days is a bit “harder”, yet understandably easy as well. Before uploading and launching your indie games on Steam, they have to run a background check, and you have to provide some serious personal information like bank accounts, tax IDs and more, making the new process a bit of a nerve break.

I’ve applied to many jobs where they needed to run background checks and such to even give me an interview, and let me tell you all, I have never felt so nervous in all my life. Perhaps I felt like this after applying and sending my info to steam because this is what I consider to be my future career. It is my passion, therefore any step towards my goal is a scary one, because I care 110 percent.


Today, finally, after 4 days, I received an e-mail from Steam with great news! Now I can move forward and get El Pansas ready for release on Steam! So, I just wanted to share this amazing, life changing information with everyone!

Until next time!

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El Pansas for Android

I recently discovered that indeed, it will be possible to export El Pansas to Android devices. So, with that discovery in hand, I am already working towards re-mapping the controls for touchscreens.

I won’t lie when saying that, it get’s me excited to think that I will see my indie game on mobile devices, even if it’s just on Android devices. Hopefully it will also be on iOS soon.

The public keeps asking if I am bringing this game to phones. I am now! Due to Apple’s hardcore permissions, certifications and their way of obtaining them, it will make bringing El Pansas to iOS a bit slower, but I am determined. For now, I will keep posting update pictures on my twitter’s site in case you guys are wondering how the export is coming along.

That’s all for now, until next time!

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El Pansas MacOS port is available now!

It took one late night and a somewhat early morning to make the export/build on the MacOS work properly, like a good programmer I have no idea what I did to my code to make it work properly. (lol)

I was able to test the final build on some public Apple machines at a local BestBuy.

Perhaps all the export needed was for me to yell to the four winds to work >_<‘ but at least now El Pansas is now available on Mac OS on the following websites:

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El Pansas on MAC?

Let’s just go straight to the chase here, yes… I would love to bring El Pansas to Mac OS and  since the beginning of the development of the game, I actually had everything set up to export the final build for Mac but now that I have finally finished the game and is ready to be exported to other platforms, thanks to Apple and their nonstop updating OS (to High Sierra) and their SDKs, keychain, dev profiles and so much more “headaches” is being extremely difficult for me to have a working build for Mac.

But I am trying to figure this out, I want El Pansas to be able to be played on other platforms and of course even on mobile, but time will tell.

I will keep posting updates, until next time!

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It is finished!

Late post entry but you guys have to understand that the life of a full-time parent with a full time day job and still trying to make my dreams of making indie games possible is a bit busy.

That being said, I want to thank EVERYONE that made this game possible, everyone that knew about the project and that supported me and gave me the courage to go on when I was literally defeated and without the will to go on to see the finish line.

It’s been stressful, chaotic and horrific at times, I lost very important people during the process of making this game… family members have died while I was working on this game, my father for example, he was the ONLY one that knew I was working on this idea when it was that, just an idea before anybody else, before I even thought of showing it to friends or colleagues, hence why I have dedicated this game to my father, he supported me and guided me without questions when I was hitting rock bottom.

Now that the this game is finally finished and available for purchase, I will ry my best to bring it to mobile phones and if it’s possible even consoles (hand-handles as well) but for now I have to work on some hardcore marketing and spreading the word, letting people know that the game is available for purchase now.

Besides all of that, I can honestly say that it has been fun over all, I am glad I have crossed the finish line and have a complete game that I am more that proud of.

Thank you all for letting me do this, thank you for reading this and thank you for spending some time to see my work.

Until next time… Trolgar Nahual Nazgul logging out.

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Almost there !

After nearly 3 years in the making and after hell and back… literally. I find my self in a position where I will be finished with El Pansas, not knowing yet what the outcome will be, I only hope that people will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

For the finishing moments I will be focusing more on the promoting/adverising part of it and trying to to get it on Steam as well as other indie web-sites.


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